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Mr & Mrs E, Heswall, Wirral

External Wall Insulation and Other Energy Efficiency Improvements

Mr & Mrs E lived with their family in a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Heswall. Built around 1950, it had solid walls that were very cold in winter, which meant that annual heating bills were high and condensation was often a problem. External wall insulation from Sustainable Energy Services provided the answer. Enabling energy savings of around £300 a year, it came with a 25 year guarantee and added many thousands of pounds to the value of the property.

Property after Solid Wall Insulation has been installed

The Problem

In 2014, Mr & Mrs E recognised that it was time to do something about their 1950s semi-detached house. The roof needed to be repaired and the solid walls needed to be insulated because they were extremely cold in the winter months. The family was concerned that even if the roof was fixed, the cold walls would still be subject to condensation so problems with damp would remain.

The walls are made of brick, with rendering on the upstairs level. There was no cavity that could be insulated and fitting insulation to the inside of the walls would have meant considerable upheaval as well as a loss of some floor space. The other alternative was to fit external wall insulation, which would substantially improve the home's energy efficiency and would also improve the appearance and value of the property.

Property before any work started

The Solution

Having considered various options, the couple contacted Sustainable Energy Services and asked what could be done - and what the costs would be.

Sustainable Energy Services offered to arrange a Green Deal Assessment that would determine the property's eligibility for Green Deal Home Improvement funding. This would allow them to claim back 75% of the cost of fitting the insulation - up to a maximum of £6,000. Furthermore, Mr & Mrs E could, if they wished, pay the remaining costs by taking advantage of interest-free credit from the company's trusted funding provider, Barclays Partner Finance.

The couple agreed and a Green Deal Assessor duly visited them to carry out a survey that confirmed their eligibility. Sustainable Energy Services then carried out its own survey and supplied a detailed itemised quotation. The company also pointed out that, since the scaffolding, operatives and materials would be on site for the external wall insulation project, it could save the family a great deal of money if they opted to have the roof replaced at the same time. The couple agreed and a price for the roof work was added to the quotation.

Work began in April and progressed steadily despite poor weather conditions. The company installed the WarmHome system from PermaRock, the UK's longest established manufacturer of external wall insulation systems. The added insulation included an attractive new dash render finish.

At the same time, the property's roof was replaced using a new breathable roof membrane and Marley Ashmore roof tiles.

The Customer Verdict

"The work carried out by Sustainable Energy Services has transformed our home. It has provided a much needed facelift for the outside walls, which now look great, but it also means the house is a lot warmer - and we should save about £300 a year on our energy bills. Already, we can feel the difference and the condensation problem has been solved at a single stroke.

"The combination of cashback from the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund scheme and interest-free credit from Barclays has made the whole process very affordable and very manageable in terms of funding the works. There were no big upfront payments to worry about and it's reassuring to know that the finance is being handled by such a reputable and well-known lender as Barclays.

"Doing the roof at the same time as the insulation saved us literally thousands and we're particularly grateful to Sustainable Energy Services' site manager, John Roberts, who did a great job of keeping us informed throughout the process and advising us about how we could make the most of our budget.

"All in all, we couldn't be happier. The insulation system is obviously very effective and we've been told by an estate agent that the works have added more than £20,000 to the value of our house."