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Add thousands to the value of your home

A recent report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change examined the effects of Energy Performance Certificates on house prices. The figures show that the improvements resulting from the installation of external wall insulation can add up to 14% to the market value of a solid walled property.

To put that in context, the cost of fitting external wall insulation and render to a large, semi-detached home with solid walls might typically be in the region of £9,000 to £10,000. If the house is worth, say, £200,000 prior to the works, then the added value would be around £28,000 - making the work an excellent investment.

In addition, of course, the owner of such a property would also enjoy year on year energy savings, which the Energy Saving Trust estimates to be worth around £270 per annum for a typical semi-detached home, and proportionately more for a larger house.

For more information about external wall insulation, how it is fitted and the results it achieves, please refer to our Solid Wall Insulation page.