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Interest-free finance from Barclays

For Sustainable Energy Services customers, one very important benefit is the availability of interest-free credit from Barclays Partner Finance.

Working with such a reputable name as Barclays gives our customers great confidence that any lending will be carried out responsibly, reliably and in strict accordance with industry best practice. Barclays is by far the biggest lender in its field and its approval processes are second to none. In most cases, the application process can be completed, approved and signed in just ten minutes, and customers know that they will be given clear and straight forward answers at every stage.

Sustainable Group (UK) is an accredited broker for finance on energy efficiency measures and general building works and its relationship with Barclays Partner Finance is virtually unique within the industry. For customers, this means a simple, reliable process and complete peace of mind.

For more details about 0% finance for energy efficiency works, please see our Finance Options page.